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Why I chose Business as my career?

When I hear the word business, it makes me think of; loads of work, no spare time, lots of math and education (but it wont be much).

Why I Want To Go Get An Education Beyond Highschool

Why should I go get an education beyond highschool? Not because anyone is pressuring me to and not because of a high paying job. But because of the experience and because me, and you both have the privilege… Read More

What I already learned in my first week of college

By: Yocelyn Nieves I have recently started college for the first time in the fall semester of 2018 at Shasta College. The reason as to why I attend college is because it’s a way to explore new opportunities… Read More

Why do I want to go to College?

By: Gabe Newman Why do I want to go to College?  I want to go to college to become an actor/singer/dancer for Broadway, and then I want to be a Music Teacher after that. Now, obviously, you don’t… Read More

The Upward Bound Summer Program

By: Cristina Manzo At first you would think, “Great. Summer school.” But that’s not what this program is. This program consists of meeting new people, learning about your future goals and having fun. During this program, we learned… Read More

UB 2018 Summer Program

By: Andy Yang The summer program was a blast! The teachers and staffs were very friendly. They gave specific instructions on things and the summer trip was a success. The places were amazing and very eye opening. The… Read More

College’s Importance

By: Canty Yang College is important to attend for me because, it will further my experiences and my knowledge about the career I want. I think attending college can help me make a better decision with what to… Read More

What is Upward Bound?

Upward Bound is a college access program at Anderson High School in Anderson, CA. This program prepares first generation and low income high school students for college success.