Why do I want to go to College?

By: Gabe Newman

Why do I want to go to College?  I want to go to college to become an actor/singer/dancer for Broadway, and then I want to be a Music Teacher after that. Now, obviously, you don’t HAVE to have a degree to get on Broadway, but it certainly helps. Actors say that having at LEAST a Bachelors degree in theatre can help you so much, considering the knowledge of acting it gives you, and if you get your degree from a “name brand” college it increases your chance of companies to look at you for their shows. Now to becoming a Music Teacher. To become a Music Teacher you pretty much HAVE to have a Masters Degree in things like Music Theory and Jazz Theory. You also need to get experience with almost all instruments. What better way to do that than go to school for it? A college degree also looks good on an application for ANY job, and trust when I say any. Wanna be a plumber? Just show ’em that college degree and you’ve got the job. Anyways, college is the key to becoming successful. Yeah yeah, you see all these entrepreneurs on TV and stuff, but it’s risky, and you can lose everything in an instant! If you need an efficient, secure way to make money, just go to college and get a job. A company called “Forbes” says that people with just a bachelors degree can earn up to $400 more a WEEK than someone who doesn’t have a Bachelors, and this is comparing the same job and job title to each other, the only difference being their education. Now you might be saying, “But it costs so much!” Yeah, without any Financial Aid it does, but there are SO many scholarships and Financial Aide opportunities out there. Just take a look at our scholarships page. All of these are reason on WHY you should go to college, and why I want to go to college. P.S.  Most Colleges have beautiful campus’.

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