What I already learned in my first week of college

By: Yocelyn Nieves

I have recently started college for the first time in the fall semester of 2018 at Shasta College. The reason as to why I attend college is because it’s a way to explore new opportunities and find yourself. Believe it or not it’s more chill than High school and for that reason is because you decided on your schedule you decide on what to take and at whatever time you wish.

Graduating college gives you a better chance on Job opportunities, and gives you a higher chance on being hired, and a higher chance your own children (if you and your loved one are planning on having kids) to be college graduate/ successful in life. Graduating college also gives you the chance to make more mula (money) and who’s not down in making more money? College also teaches you life skills, like how to manage your time for an example. Being an adult is not easy and being able to manage your time can be pretty helpful if you ask me.

Some cool upside of college is… when having a degree it opens the job to help with insurance for you and your family. Another upside is when having a Bachelor’s degree or higher your more likely to have a better retirement plan and have more income than someone who never went to college after high school which makes you more financially fit, which is always good.

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