Why I Want To Go Get An Education Beyond Highschool

Why should I go get an education beyond highschool? Not because anyone is pressuring me to and not because of a high paying job. But because of the experience and because me, and you both have the privilege to. A few of my points for getting an education beyond highschool is for the experience, culture, people, and knowledge. I want to experience all of the fun clubs, activities, or events that on happening on the campus. So many different kind of people with so different backgrounds, culture, and ethnicities. That could be a good thing or bad thing depending on how you look at it. I’ve heard many stories of life long lasting friendships bonding because of college or somewhere else besides highschool. That is probably one of the more important reason why I want to get a higher education. And last but not least is for the knowledge it provides. Do many things to learn and experience first hand and that really intrigues me. Anyways thanks for coming to my TED Talk and have a nice day or night 🙂

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