UNR is for Me!

My name is Ashley Malecke and I want to go to a community college for 2 years then transfer to a 4-year University. I haven’t been to see to many colleges but one of my top University choices is the University of Reno. I went on a trip there last year on a school trip with a couple of friends. When I got there I loved the campus and the tour guides were extremely nice and really tried to make sure that we got really understand what they were about as a school. Everyone is together and they want you to succeed in college. They are very proud of there school spirit and there achievements as a school.

When I was walking around campus and seeing the campus I really felt a pull to go to this school and they are really proud about Nevada and there mining achievement as a state that they have a whole archeology exhibit that’s labeled and I’m not really interested in rocks as much as other people are but when I saw this room I was captivated.

Lastly, that if your like me and don’t want to move far away from your family, Anderson is only four and a half hours from the campus so if you have a couple days off of school you can go visit your friends and family in Anderson.

If you really want to go to college you really need to take upward bound and the school groups serious because they show you colleges and try to help you with your FAFSA and scholarships so you can get accepted into the college you want because they really want you to succeed and not just because it’s there job it’s because they care about the students.

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