Why college is important to me

    I come from a low income family. My parents highest education is middle school, I came to California around the age 3. At first, my primary language was Spanish. I remember my first day of kindergarten, I didn’t know anyone and I hardly spoke English. I remember being scared that day but my teacher Mrs.Campbell ( who I still adore to this day) made me feel welcome. By the end of the day I remember all the kids lining up behind the door, I didn’t understand what was going on so I hid under a play set we had in the classroom hoping no one would find me. The teacher couldn’t dismiss the class till I was found. Everyone searched class in the classroom just to find me. A student ended up finding me on bend and knees under the the play set.

I’m sharing this story because that was the very first day of school for me. Because of that day I remember crying to my parents because I didn’t want to go to school. But thankfully for my kindergarten teacher and the staff at the school they made me feel welcome and helped me make new friends.

I never was interested in school, I would always complete my homework but I never did well on exams. At a young age I’ve always had my eye set on the University of Arizona. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona which is mainly the reason I want to attend an out of state college. I want to go to college because I am constantly surrounded by people who did not achieve their goals. People who dropped of high school because of pregnancies or drugs. I see people all the time doing nothing with their life and I see the sadness and struggles they go through on a day to day bases because they didn’t have goals or any sort of education. I promise myself at a young age that I wouldn’t turn out to be my neighbors and be successful enough to not only take care of myself but also my parents.

My parents do everything for me, I feel obligated to be successful for them. I’ve had my fair shares of struggles in school but my mindset is to go to graduate not just high school but college as well. My parents did not have the opportunities like everyone else has. At the time where they grew up in they did not have a high school for them. That is why I joined upward bound.

I saw that it was an amazing opportunity to earn money and to also enjoy new experiences with friends and to also have more knowledge about college. Upward bound has helped me understand how to apply for scholarships, the importance of job interviews and which colleges require a personal essay when submitting to a school. It was an opportunity that I am grateful for.

Many people do not have the opportunities that we have, it is important to take advantage of the opportunities that are given to us. It is hard to make it in this world with just a high school education.  I’ve met new friends and enjoyed many new experience with not only the students top but with the staff too. I hope upward bound continues for many years after I finish my last year in high school.

I hope people understand the importance of not only college but high school too.

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