Why I need to go to college

College isn’t for everyone, but for me, going to college is a need. I would be the first in my family to go and hopefully graduate from college, earn my bachelor’s degree, and go to medical school. It would make my family, especially my grandma, proud. Also, the new experiences and meeting new people seem exciting.

Not many people in my family even made it to college. Right after high school ended for my mom, she had me. She’s currently helping me look for colleges/universities that she thinks will support my career choices. My dad went to college to get his associates degree, but did not move on up because he was too busy with his job as a mechanic. Although he doesn’t want me to travel far from home to a good college, he wants me to do what’s best for me. At the moment, I don’t known which college I want to go to, but I can see myself going to college. Most likely Chico State, Nevada Reno University, or close to home like Simpson University.

We get to meet new people and experience new things every day. When my friends and I took a college class during the summer, it was way different from high school. There were much older people who had children of their own, the professors always lectured, and everything was all different. Also a very good thing: no dress code! Going to college would be a whole new experience and I believe it will be a little bit better, excluding the payments.

I am glad that Upward Bound has been helping me, and supporting me with my college needs. During the summer, it taught us many important things, but the most important thing I believe is more useful for college is public speaking. It helps with a confidence boost and it helps with presentation. It also helped us experience what college was like by taking us to Simpson University for the week and had us stay in the dorm rooms and going to some classes. I need to go to college because it will help me in the long run, and I already have so much people supporting me and helping me.

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