Upward Bound Student Elected to Shasta County School Board

ANDERSON, CA — Bradley Ramsey a junior at Anderson High School and a Simpson University Upward Bound program participant, has been selected to serve on the Shasta County Board of Education for the 2019-2020 school year. Bradley is an exceptional student at Anderson High School and is highly motivated to serve his local community. He also has a knack for solving problems and has taken part in School Board processes to actively find solutions to current challenges that Shasta county schools are facing.

Bradley gave us his take on his experience so far with the Shasta County Board of Education. “Its a unique experience, with many educational benefits including experience in both local government and educational processes and having the ability to impact education in your local area”, said Ramsey.

Students selected to serve on the school board were sent to attend the California Association of Student Councils (CASC) and Student Advisory Board on Legislation in Education (SABLE) Conference in Sacramento to represent District 1 in January 2020. The goal of the conference was to put student board member representatives together and allow them an experience of creating a proposal for the California State Senate. The idea is that the student proposals will eventually become a new bill to better the educational system in California.

Bradley’s group chose to focus on a bill that would improve school safety. And while they are still working on the project their idea for a new bill involved creating a plan for when an active shooter pulls the fire alarm. Bradley commented on the experience, “It was a long enduring process with many challenges but overall very informative and educational.”

Bradley and another member of his team were then selected to present their proposal to the senate council. “It wasn’t much pressure really, honestly being able to talk to a senator was a great experience because its the chance to be able to talk to somebody that can actually do something with your ideas.”bradley_senate

Bradley is highly active in seeking out opportunities for leadership development. He is an active participant in the Science Bowl, the Robotics Club and the Boy Scouts of America and he plans to enroll at Shasta College after graduation with the intent to transfer to a 4 year university.






(Pictured: left Megan Dahle – California Assemblywoman,
right Bradley Ramsey – Student Board of Education Rep Region 1)



About Shasta County Student Board Members:

Student Board Members, who are selected through an application and interview process, serve a one-year term on the Shasta County Board of Education. They provide important insight and input into the discussion of the Board and their ideas, thoughts, and concerns are listened to and reflected in decisions of the Board.

This unique opportunity for students to serve as Student Board Members provides them with an up-close view of the governance process. They gain a perspective of the educational systems, rules, regulations, and practices of the Shasta County Board of Education, Shasta County Office of Education, local school districts, and the California Department of Education.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders and the Shasta County Board of Education is proud to serve together with our Student Board Members to directly influence the lives of children in Shasta County. https://www.shastacoe.org/office-of-education/board-of-education

About Simpson University Upward Bound:

In 2017, Simpson University was awarded two federal grants totaling $10 million to help boost higher education success rates in Northern California. The seven-year GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) grant serves more than 800 middle and high school students in far Nor Cal. The five Upward Bound grants serve area high schools providing student support services such as counseling, academic tutoring, college experiences and other academic and pre-college support services.

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