Why going to college and earning a Bachelor’s degree is a very good idea, Part 1

Never before has going to college and earning a Bachelor’s degree been a better deal. Individuals that earn a Bachelor’s degree are more likely than ever before to find gainful employment, get paid more than their high school diploma peers and keep their employment during economic downturns. And especially in California college is cheaper than ever before thanks to programs like the CA Promise grant, Cal Grant, and the federal Pell grant. If you are a low income or first generation student, programs like these and others at Cal State and University of California campuses can make going to college an extremely cost effective investment. And according to the U.S bureau of labor and statistics, the earning power of a Bachelors degree holder is continually getting stronger. In this first post on this topic we take a look at some stats that show earnings of individuals that hold a Bachelor’s degree vs those that hold a high school diploma. These stats compare the median earnings by weekly earnings in 2018 and annual earnings in 2019. And you can see a pretty significant difference in these metrics. If we were to compare the average earnings of individuals these numbers would be even more drastically different because of the potential of earning a Bachelor’s degree is even greater than what is shown here. But this graphic below gives you a pretty good idea of how most individuals experience this gap in wages. In future posts we will look at how COVID impacted these numbers as well as how unemployment fairs with and without the affects of the pandemic and economic downturns.

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