About The Site

Our Upward Bound website was made possible by our work study group at Anderson Union High school and as we had mentioned before, one of Upward Bound’s goal is to help you, the students through high school with exceptional grades and into college.

Another one of our goal as members of Upward Bound is to help you identify what you want you career to be. We may not be able to hold your hand and guide you through this long road together but we can and we will give you that much needed trampoline to reach and grab that college degree or whichever title you need to be able to become what you want to be.

Upward Bound serves as an opportunity for students to succeed in pre-college years and eventually achieve their dreams in a higher education. A list of activities included in Upward Bound would be field trips; where you have the gift of of going to exciting places like Disneyland or Santa Cruz Beach.

College tours are perhaps one of the most unique part about joining Upward Bound because you get to physically be in a campus and see everything that a particular college offers to you.

Last but not least is our exciting six-week summer program where you can learn lots of valuable knowledge about a certain subject you’d like or one Upward Bound offers such as skills and academics.

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