Upward Bound

Why I Pursue Culinary by Cristina Manzo


I wish to pursue this career because being a chef means you alone, are master of your kitchen, and what you say goes. You are judged by each and every plate that goes out of your kitchen, and it is a responsibility that you thrive upon. There are very few jobs where there is so much freedom to operate as individually and creatively as that of a chef. My dad influenced me because he owned a restaurant and I was able to grow up in that business. I would always go and watch him cook, help around the kitchen and make people happy by serving out delicious food. I was always up in or around restaurants because my dad’s side of the family owned a lot whether it was local or out of town and they still do. My dad and I are constantly in kitchens and exploring other restaurants. Everyone who owns a mexican restaurant knows of my dad or his family. This food is apart of me and I want to carry on this legacy of my family.