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ANDERSON, CA — Bradley Ramsey a junior at Anderson High School and a Simpson University Upward Bound program participant, has been selected to serve on the Shasta County Board of Education for the 2019-2020 school year. Bradley is an exceptional student at Anderson High School and is highly motivated to serve his local community. He also has a knack for solving problems and has taken part in School Board processes to actively find solutions to current challenges that Shasta county schools are facing.

Bradley gave us his take on his experience so far with the Shasta County Board of Education. “Its a unique experience, with many educational benefits including experience in both local government and educational processes and having the ability to impact education in your local area”, said Ramsey.

Students selected to serve on the school board were sent to attend the California Association of Student Councils (CASC) and Student Advisory Board on Legislation in Education (SABLE) Conference in Sacramento to represent District 1 in January 2020. The goal of the conference was to put student board member representatives together and allow them an experience of creating a proposal for the California State Senate. The idea is that the student proposals will eventually become a new bill to better the educational system in California.

Bradley’s group chose to focus on a bill that would improve school safety. And while they are still working on the project their idea for a new bill involved creating a plan for when an active shooter pulls the fire alarm. Bradley commented on the experience, “It was a long enduring process with many challenges but overall very informative and educational.”

Bradley and another member of his team were then selected to present their proposal to the senate council. “It wasn’t much pressure really, honestly being able to talk to a senator was a great experience because its the chance to be able to talk to somebody that can actually do something with your ideas.”bradley_senate

Bradley is one of those students that is always seeking out opportunities for leadership. He is an active participant in the Science Bowl, the Robotics Club and the Boy Scouts of America and he plans to enroll at Shasta College after graduation with the intent to transfer to a 4 year university.






(Pictured: left Megan Dahle – California Assemblywoman,
right Bradley Ramsey – Student Board of Education Rep Region 1)



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The Anderson High School soccer team is currently sitting pretty with only 1 loss this season and undefeated in their league heading into the northern section playoffs. With a hard fought game against a top league team they are looking to make a splash in the playoffs. While Upward Bound is designed to prepare students for college success, we are so proud of our boys for what they have accomplished this year on the soccer field. They learn valuable 21st century skills in athletic programs such as teamwork, perseverance and leadership. IMG_0292There are eight players from the Upward Bound Simpson program at AHS on the team; Mario Vazquez, Jose Magana, Juan Lopez, Luis Ruiz, Adrian Magana, Ivan Hernandez, Alessandro Vazquez and Joshua Nieves.

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REDDING, Calif.—Simpson University freshman Angelina Yang wants to go big.

This 18-year-old dreamer is the first person in her family to go to a university. She’s the oldest of six children born to a Hmong father and American mother. Born in Fresno, she has lived in Crescent City and graduated from high school in Anderson.

And she wants to become a clinical or criminal psychologist.

Two years ago, Angelina heard about a new program being offered at Anderson Union High School called Upward Bound. This federally funded educational program is designed to give first-generation and/or economically disadvantaged students better opportunities to attend college.

“I heard details and believed it was a really great opportunity for me, so I signed up,” she said. “The advisors were super helpful. I wanted help with finding the right college and getting support.”

In 2017, Simpson University was awarded a $5.7 million, five-year grant to…

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Each year the faculty of Anderson High School vote to award students with semester and department honors for those individuals that performed exemplary in the classroom. Upward Bound Simpson students that were honored at the event are as follows: Marcelo Madrigal 12th grade (committed to UC Davis in the Fall), Holly Tower 12th grade, Isabella Stramaglia 11th grade, Fuey Saetern 11th grade, Bradley Ramsey 10th grade.

Upward Bound students from Anderson High School had the opportunity to visit the historical campuses of University of California Berkeley and University of San Francisco. First generation students interested in pursuing a 4 year university after high school had the opportunity to tour and learn about the opportunities being offered in these San Francisco area schools. UC Berkeley wowed students with its traditions and mile long underground library. While USF boasts the nations largest and oldest cathedral on a college campus. Students also had the opportunity of doing some sight seeing at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Beyond any reasonable doubt, I am sure this is a question you may have heard among your peers. Perhaps you yourself have thought about the benefits of attending college. But the truth is nothing in this world should be sacrificed for Education. Nelson Mandela once said Education is the most powerful weapon in which you can use to change the world.

Here is the truth, Education is the fundamental necessity of life. Are you thinking about the future at all? One of the basic rights of every human being is getting a higher and quality education. So what happens to your right? Are you just going to leave it to chance? I would hope not!

However, many believe that college is not important simply because people who barely have a high school diploma are already billionaires, of course, money to some is the most important thing needed in life and these guys have this in excess. But what you don’t know is it isn’t always that simple. The biggest investment you can ever make in life is attending college and one of the major reasons why attending college is important is the chance to live up to your full potential, and the many opportunities it will make readily available to you. Let me ask you this, do you think you will get far out there without a degree? Even if you do, without a college degree, the only jobs that are available are limited and in a few select number of fields.

So let me be factual, without a college degree, there is a high probability that you would find yourself in some situations that might not seem so pleasant.

Therefore, you need to embrace the value of having a college degree. Besides, just having job flexibility and the privilege of employers not slamming their doors on your face, what else are the reasons why having a college degree is important?

Well to name a few:

Skill training ; One beautiful thing about colleges is that they give students the privilege to explore opportunities before getting employed. This enables the students to have a practical skill required to perform the job effectively in future.

Life lessons; Of course, a college is a place where you are allowed to make decisions on your own and at this point, you get to learn skills that will be required of you for a lifetime. Experience is a priceless commodity, that you will obtain studying in college.

Finally, there is a peace of mind you get when you acquire  your college degree, trust me, it’s inspirational and makes you feel confident and ready to face whatever life throws at you. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and register at a college near you.

College isn’t for everyone, but for me, going to college is a need. I would be the first in my family to go and hopefully graduate from college, earn my bachelor’s degree, and go to medical school. It would make my family, especially my grandma, proud. Also, the new experiences and meeting new people seem exciting.

Not many people in my family even made it to college. Right after high school ended for my mom, she had me. She’s currently helping me look for colleges/universities that she thinks will support my career choices. My dad went to college to get his associates degree, but did not move on up because he was too busy with his job as a mechanic. Although he doesn’t want me to travel far from home to a good college, he wants me to do what’s best for me. At the moment, I don’t known which college I want to go to, but I can see myself going to college. Most likely Chico State, Nevada Reno University, or close to home like Simpson University.

We get to meet new people and experience new things every day. When my friends and I took a college class during the summer, it was way different from high school. There were much older people who had children of their own, the professors always lectured, and everything was all different. Also a very good thing: no dress code! Going to college would be a whole new experience and I believe it will be a little bit better, excluding the payments.

I am glad that Upward Bound has been helping me, and supporting me with my college needs. During the summer, it taught us many important things, but the most important thing I believe is more useful for college is public speaking. It helps with a confidence boost and it helps with presentation. It also helped us experience what college was like by taking us to Simpson University for the week and had us stay in the dorm rooms and going to some classes. I need to go to college because it will help me in the long run, and I already have so much people supporting me and helping me.

By: Yocelyn Nieves

I have recently started college for the first time in the fall semester of 2018 at Shasta College. The reason as to why I attend college is because it’s a way to explore new opportunities and find yourself. Believe it or not it’s more chill than High school and for that reason is because you decided on your schedule you decide on what to take and at whatever time you wish.

Graduating college gives you a better chance on Job opportunities, and gives you a higher chance on being hired, and a higher chance your own children (if you and your loved one are planning on having kids) to be college graduate/ successful in life. Graduating college also gives you the chance to make more mula (money) and who’s not down in making more money? College also teaches you life skills, like how to manage your time for an example. Being an adult is not easy and being able to manage your time can be pretty helpful if you ask me.

Some cool upside of college is… when having a degree it opens the job to help with insurance for you and your family. Another upside is when having a Bachelor’s degree or higher your more likely to have a better retirement plan and have more income than someone who never went to college after high school which makes you more financially fit, which is always good.

By: Gabe Newman

Why do I want to go to College?  I want to go to college to become an actor/singer/dancer for Broadway, and then I want to be a Music Teacher after that. Now, obviously, you don’t HAVE to have a degree to get on Broadway, but it certainly helps. Actors say that having at LEAST a Bachelors degree in theatre can help you so much, considering the knowledge of acting it gives you, and if you get your degree from a “name brand” college it increases your chance of companies to look at you for their shows. Now to becoming a Music Teacher. To become a Music Teacher you pretty much HAVE to have a Masters Degree in things like Music Theory and Jazz Theory. You also need to get experience with almost all instruments. What better way to do that than go to school for it? A college degree also looks good on an application for ANY job, and trust when I say any. Wanna be a plumber? Just show ’em that college degree and you’ve got the job. Anyways, college is the key to becoming successful. Yeah yeah, you see all these entrepreneurs on TV and stuff, but it’s risky, and you can lose everything in an instant! If you need an efficient, secure way to make money, just go to college and get a job. A company called “Forbes” says that people with just a bachelors degree can earn up to $400 more a WEEK than someone who doesn’t have a Bachelors, and this is comparing the same job and job title to each other, the only difference being their education. Now you might be saying, “But it costs so much!” Yeah, without any Financial Aid it does, but there are SO many scholarships and Financial Aide opportunities out there. Just take a look at our scholarships page. All of these are reason on WHY you should go to college, and why I want to go to college. P.S.  Most Colleges have beautiful campus’.

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By: Andy Yang

The summer program was a blast! The teachers and staffs were very friendly. They gave specific instructions on things and the summer trip was a success. The places were amazing and very eye opening. The summer program brought out the fun in me and also gave me more information about going to college. The other students were very friendly and easy to get along with. The bus coach were very comfortable and I was able to get more sleep during the bus rides. The Santa Cruz boardwalk was a lifetime happiness experience, it was so fun and I loved everything about it. The summer program had given me a better understanding about college and applying to get into the college. The food and sleeping places were well planned out and everything went very well. To top all of that, there were plenty of snacks on the bus and there were movies played on small screens in the bus. 

By: Canty Yang

College is important to attend for me because, it will further my experiences and my knowledge about the career I want. I think attending college can help me make a better decision with what to do with my life. It can also help me get a higher or better level paying job/career. College isn’t necessary but it is indeed very well recommended. Honestly, I just want to go to college so that when I actually get a job in the future, I’ll be able to support myself and people around me. I want to achieve things during the years of furthering my education. Get to know more people and see the reality of the outside world. I want to learn many things outside of my life and see the opportunities waiting for me to take. I know that having further education can and will increase my chances of opportunities available for me. My education will allow me to do things that I want to do to achieve a goal that I’ve set for myself in the future, whether it’s soon or later. College can do many great things for me. Going to college paves my path for my future, it’s like preparing for the things I’ll be doing or may have to do. After college would be the importance that college gives me. The things I do would be the things college has given to me. But, I also have to be the one taking the opportunities and taking chances. It’s all about my ambition, whether I have the time and effort for college to do more better things in the future. I can be given many choices, but it all depends whether I want to take it and try it and go out of my comfort zone to actually do the things I want to do. Stepping up would be a great thing that may motivate me further on with college also.