FAFSA and Scholarships



By: Yocelyn Nieves

FAFSA stands for Free Application For Federal Student Aid.  Each year they give out around $150 billion in student aid. A few places FAFSA goes to when finished with the application is… colleges, State government, and the federal Government which is Cal Grant. When applying make sure to say yes to work study.

A few tips I’d recommend when it comes to scholarships would be….

  1. Try applying for local scholarships
  2. Though it may be hard to find try applying for a few online scholarships
  3. You can never go wrong with Cal Grant always a helpful tool. https://www.csac.ca.gov/
  4. Find some big organizations because they are willing to give more money.
  5. Always be aware of your surroundings some local areas tend to have ideas of scholarships or know of some.


Four types of money:

  • Grants = Free money
  • Scholarships = Free money
  • Loans = Earn money (sometimes not a good idea)
  • Work study




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