Basics of Summer Program

The Upward Bound summer program is a college going experience like none other. Students have the opportunity to earn college credit, go on amazing cultural excursions and live like a college student for 6 weeks. Past summer programs have all included a residential experience at Simpson University and an epic field college campus and cultural field trip to a west coast destination. In addition to earning college credit students have the chance to earn money through work study projects. Work study students take on various leadership roles throughout the summer and perform jobs that range from providing adminsitrative assistance, serve as a teaching aide, social media management, custodial services, photography as well as building and maintaining the Upward Bound website. The summer program is a chance for students to really learn what it takes to succeed in college through experiences and hands-on workshops. And the best part of all is that this opportunity is 100% free for students.

What is the Upward Bound Summer Program all about? A quick overview from Upward Bound student Cristina Manzo…

At first you would think, “Great. Summer school.” But that’s not what this program is. This program consists of meeting new people, learning about your future goals and having fun. During this program, we learned how the police force works and some of the actions they would take in dire situations. All of us also became CPR Certified in one day! Along with a field trip to the Shasta Dam, we got catered by a delicious taco truck.  We all got to know one another and have fun eating tacos with an amazing view.IMG_7391

During the second week, students got to stay in real college dorms, have lake days, and even go rafting. We all learned about public speaking and shared our future careers with other students and worked together with people from the same field of work to create a presentation. We were given tasty drinks & snacks during those hot summer days. It was great spending time with new people and learning so much about them.



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